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Port of Brookings
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Port of Brookings
Port of Brookings Harbor, Oregon. MSS has been doing various projects for the Port of Brookings over the years. Some of the most significant projects include the design of a revetment to stabilize the shoreline, a sport boat marina, and many other smaller projects.

Other Ports & Harbors that we have done and continue to do projects for include:

Port of Alsea
Waldport, Oregon. Prepared a design for a fishing pier including hydrogrpahic survey for the Port of Alsea.Waldport, Oregon.
See picture!Development Alternative 3: Hotel/Convention Center
See picture!Port of Alsea: Aerial View

Port of Cascade Locks
Cascade Locks, Oregon. Cascade Locks Business Park entrance road project.
See picture!See picture!

Port of Siuslaw
1990, Florence, Oregon. Fuel Tank Containment Facility: design of floating dock with utilities and development of an improvement plan.
See picture!See picture!

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