About Us

MSS, Inc. provides a broad range of services that have expanded in recent years. Our focus is on the following areas: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Surveying, and Land Use Planning.

We are a growing company committed to quality work with personal attention. Our principal strength is the personalized attention we provide our clients. We pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with those we serve and we feel that this bond often adds a personal touch to a technical process.

Our office is located in Corvallis, Oregon and our staff is intimately familiar with the problems unique to this area. In addition, we have performed services for clients all over the Northwestern United States. MSS, Inc. is currently involved in projects in Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Our firm has strong relationships with local planners, biologists, environmental, geotechnical and traffic engineers, contractors and suppliers who assist our staff with design projects regularly. These local relationships allow MSS to deliver services from firms whose offices are based in the Mid-Willamette Valley Community.

Mission Statement

We are a community of committed, inspired, and effective professionals dedicated to creating a better quality of life in our families, company, community and world.

We devote ourselves to providing professional excellence and efficiency in our service that exceeds our clients expectations and earns their respect and loyalty.

Peter Seaders, PE, PLS


Oregon State University; M.S. of Civil Engineering and M.S. of Wood Science

“Our strength lies in the personalized attention that we provide our customers. We make sure that the job is done right.”

Peter oversees operations and administration. He provides project management and the initiative for new business endeavors. His coordination and leadership ensures that the company maintains and advances its market position.


In 1971 three professors of Civil Engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon formed MSS, Inc. to provide design and engineering services. In 1980 John Seaders left his university teaching position and bought the shares of the other two partners, Mezra and Schultz. Although the original partners are no longer involved in the business, the company still bears their initials.

Over the last fifty years MSS has developed a reputation for excellent service. We believe in a sense of community, and thus our office is still located in the heart of downtown Corvallis, Oregon where we began. Our friendly staff and office atmosphere welcome walk-in visits for those problems that require more personal attention. Our goal is to provide all our clients, large and small, with service that earns their respect and their future business.


The last 20 years has brought significant growth to our company, and as the size of our firm has expanded so has the range, extent and complexity of our work. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of civil, structural, and marine engineering projects in both the public and private sectors. We have provided engineering services throughout the Northwest including Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and Alaska. Our engineers are currently registered in the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. The firm is continuing to grow and we are always looking for new challenges.

Our firm has participated in the design of many interesting and unique projects that involved sensitive community development and environmental issues. Such projects generally involve a great deal of public scrutiny and have consequently required a great deal of community contact, public facilitation and liaison work. Examples of these projects include shoreline erosion studies and protection structure design for various ports and harbors, many subdivisions, or the design of fuel tank containment facilities.

Through our extensive experience with both local, state and federal agencies MSS, Inc. has consistently demonstrated its ability to survey, design, facilitate, manage and execute complex projects in both the public and private sectors. We have a proven history of providing the highest quality project results from the planning stage through final approval while at the same time delivering low project overhead costs. We are enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated to quality engineering.

John Seaders

John Seaders, PE, SE, PLS

John Seaders, Founder (1934-2021)

Oregon State University; M.S. of Civil Engineering

“My service to you isn’t complete until I know that you are satisfied.”

John was one of the original founders of MSS. With over 40 years of experience as a professor and professional engineer, he was in charge of all engineering activities, handling top level problem solving and yet still provided hands on project management. He died in December of 2021 and will be missed but lives on in the spirit of MSS and in the projects he helped to develop.